Wayne Rooney

Five Most Prolific Scorers In EPL History

There’s nothing that captures the attention of the football world like a striker on top of his game. The very best seem to be immune to the finest defensive configurations, requiring only a half-step and a fraction of a second to create scoring opportunities. Stated politely, the Premier League is one of the most physically demanding football competitions in the world, making it extremely difficult for top forwards to produce at a high level over a lengthy career.

Wayne Rooney

Inspired by the recent Wayne Rooney record, the staff at www.canadasportsbetting.ca decided to discuss the most prolific goal scorers in EPL history. These five strikers instilled fear in opposing sides, often leading their own squads to elite results.

5. Thierry Henry – 175 Goals In 258 Matches

Depending on your point of view, Thierry Henry could be considered among the top ten pure strikers the world has ever witnessed. In the EPL, he’s the fifth best scorer in league history in terms of volume. Even more impressive, he the third most efficient scorer in terms of minutes played, averaging 121.8 minutes per goal. Only Sergio Aguero and Kelechi Iheanacho have scored at a quicker pace, with the latter doing so for a short period of 38 games.

Henry’s won nearly everything – Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, World Cup, Euro Cup and so forth. In addition to being Arsenal’s most prolific scorer, he also holds the record for international goals on behalf of France, scoring 51 goals for la bleu, blanc et rouge. If Barcelona and New York didn’t lure Henry away from The Gunners, he might have had a shot at Alan Shearer’s record. The rest of the top five scorers on this list have all played at least 400 games, compared to Henry’s relatively brief career in the EPL.

4. Frank Lampard – 177 Goals In 609 Matches

Now an author of children’s books, writer Frank Lampard used to be one of the finest in the EPL. In his spare time, he plays football for New York City FC with Major League Soccer. Although he did play for a few different sides, he spent the lion’s share of his career with Chelsea, where he’s entrenched as an all-time legend. During his tenure, he lead them to a pair of Champions League finals appearances, winning in 2012 and finishing as the runner-up in 2008.
During his time with Chelsea, Manchester City, Swansea City, West Ham United and New York, Lampard netted 274 strikes in professional league play. Internationally, Lampard has scored 29 times in 106 appearances for England. He’s widely considered to be one of the best midfielders of his era, combining goal scoring prowess with an ability to control space on the pitch. Lampard was also known for his nerves of steel, constantly called to take penalty kicks in high-pressure scenarios. It’s not a coincidence that he became the highest payed player in the EPL for the 2008 campaign.

3. Andrew Cole – 187 Goals In 414 Matches

Andy Cole spent a couple of decades scoring goals for various sides around the EPL. He started his professional career with a bang, helping Newcastle United earn a promotion to the Premier League by scoring 12 goals in as many games. During their first year in the EPL, Newcastle managed to finish third in the standings, powered by 34 Cole goals in 40 games. In 1995, after a couple of years of success, Cole was sold for a record amount to Manchester United, setting the mark for the costliest transfer at the time.

During his stint with Man U, he helped the side achieve numerous glories, including a Premier League title, FA Cup and UEFA Champions league treble. Despite severe injury and the threat of replacement, he ended up scoring a bunch of crucial goals when it mattered most, something England’s national side could have used. Unfortunately, he ended up with limited caps internationally due to injury and coach’s preference for young talent. Nonetheless, he’s one of the EPL’s finest scorers, having earned honors and trophies across all major British categories.

2. Wayne Rooney – 188 Goals In 423 Matches (and counting)

Rooney recently set the record for most goals with one club when he notched his 180th strike with Manchester United. He recently passed Andy Cole for second on the all-time list, requiring a few more games than Andy. Similar to Cole, Rooney was marked for success at a young age despite a short frame. He impressed stakeholders with his speed, technical finishing ability and willingness to outwork the opposition.

Despite a series of controversies and the lack of international success, Rooney has mostly lived up to his promise by earning the second spot on the list of all-time EPL scorers. He’s also managed to become the highest scorer for the national team, notching 53 strikes over 118 caps. He’s second behind Peter Shilton in terms of career appearances internationally, a record he could soon break. At the age of 31, Rooney has already been in the EPL for well over a decade, and could stick around to enjoy his 20th anniversary in the league. Most would probably prefer that the current top goal scorer stays atop this list, but Rooney does have an outside shot at climbing to top spot.

1. Alan Shearer – 260 Goals In 441 Matches

The Godfather of all English strikers, Alan Shearer nearly spent his career as a midfielder, but ended up utilizing his height, strength, technical ability and powerful shot to become the greatest goal scorer in EPL history. His early training as a midfielder ended up becoming a key part of his style, enabling him to work creatively with other forwards and strikers as he aged. Few players took penalties with the calm confidence Alan exuded, scoring dozens from the twelve-yard spot on behalf of pro and national clubs.

His decade with Newcastle enshrined Shearer as a true legend. He shares the record for most goals in a 42-game season with 34, as well as the 38-game record with 30. Alan also holds the record for most hat-tricks in the EPL, achieving the feat eleven times. Averaging two goals for every three games he played, it’s unlikely that another striker will produce at this rate for such a long period of time.

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