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I Was Never Taught To Score Goals When Arsenal’s Walcott Was Striker – Charlie Austin

Charlie Austin 3

It has been reported that Charlie Austin has revealed that he never had any formal training to become a striker.

The QPR star grew up playing at centre-back when he was a kid when Arsenal’s Theo Walcott was playing up front.

Austin said he watched his father play as a goalscorer during his formative years and suggests that it all just clicked one day when he was given a shot in the attacking third.

“If you’re a natural goalscorer, a real goalscorer, you back yourself nine times out of 10 to score,” he told the Daily Mail.

“You’re confident, you always back your ability as a centre-forward.

“I’ve never been taught how to score goals. It just happened. I watched my dad when I was a kid. Then I was a striker.

“I had a go at centre-half when I was 14 or 15. No good; I was terrible. That was only because Theo Walcott played up front for our county team, Berkshire. He played up top, so I was centre-half. I used to bang it forward to him. But that was it for me.

“I’ve tried to learn as I’ve gone along. I’ve definitely started concentrating more since I’ve been a pro. When you’re in non-League it’s as serious as you want to take it. Premier League, Football League, it’s your job, it’s your career, it’s your life, it’s your family to look after, to feed. I’ve got a little girl, I’ve got her to support.

“I always say the goal doesn’t move. I’ve taken that all the way through. Swindon, Burnley and now QPR. I’m in the Premier League now, the goal still doesn’t move. If I get a chance I back myself to put the ball in the back of it.”

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