Draftkings Live Streaming Review

In this review we would like to outline the advantages of using the Draftkings Livestreaming options across desktop and mobile apps. Having recnetly invested into this spoftwhere the opertaor offes exciting options for users looking to place betting during live events.

draftkings live streaming review

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Stream Draftkings live games uninterrupted on their mobile App at no extra cost!

After striking a partnership deal with EuroLeague Basketball, Draftkings now streams live games on selected sports on its mobile betting App-DK live. Players can take advantage of the In-Play feature and craft their fantasy sports teams, get real-time game updates and watch live video highlights. In this review, we explore the live streaming feature in details. 

Introduction about the bookmaker and their streaming service

After expanding its base into new markets within the United States, Draftkings became one of the fastest-growing sportsbooks in the country. Streaming games epitomized the company's quest for dominance in the betting industry. Through live streaming, fans of EuroLeague can follow live action of their favourite sports without interruptions. It also marked the dawn of live streaming in the U.S fantasy gaming scene, bring with it a new playing experience punters had long desired. While the new feature is relatively new, it is already offering thousands of Draftkings fans a chance to take advantage of minute-by-minute real-time updates. 

Draftkings Streaming Features

Draftkings streaming function covers many aspects of gaming. While it was originally launched to stream EuroLeague basketball, a lot has changed ever since. We sought information about the features of live streaming on the platform and discovered the following:

First off, let's state that Draftkings is a sportsbook that specializes in fantasy games. Thus, players would want to stream games on this platform can only use it to upgrade their fantasy gaming experience. Most notably, it differs from real-time video streamers in the sense that Draftkings live streaming is crafted for their mobile App. On exploring further, we discovered the following features about DK Live:

  • Live game stats in real-time. From the performance of fantasy players, line-ups to individual stats, the Live App makes it easy to wager on projected performances. 
  • Available for Android and iOS. Punters who want to use Draftkings live can access it on their mobile platforms. 
  • My player filter on DK live makes it easy to identify players on your crafted line-ups. 
  • A leader board is another feature on DK live that brings you real updates pm everything happening in the game, not to mention player trends. 
  • Live scores. 
  • A live video presentation is a feature that caught our attention because it is where Draftkings beats most competitors. On the same board, players can access data and knowledge that fine-tunes them into better Draftkings performers. 
  • On DK Live, there is also a feature that is solely dedicated to bringing you fantasy sports news.  It is a move away from sports Apps and websites. 

Live Streaming Review 

Draftkings provides players with an opportunity to view live sports on their mobile App. Since its launch, the company has shown a relentless quest for an excellent live streaming function on their website. From a review perspective, we would say, DK Live can only get better. While switching between real-time playing states and DK Live is not possible, players can remain hopeful for future upgrades. 

Federal laws in the U.S.A places some restrictions on sports betting but with recent amendments, things can begin to look up should they consider venturing into live sports betting. Their DK live feature comes with advantages such as the following:

  • Players can now enjoy real-time reporting of fantasy sports.
  • The live update is a feature that makes DK Live particularly appealing to fantasy sports punters who are experiencing live gaming on Drafting for the first time. 
  • Real-time line-up updates. 
  • Live scores is another advantage that players enjoy with live streaming.
  • Players can also take advantage of live betting when using DK live. Once you are logged in, you can make the most of live odds on the platform. 

How to access the streaming service 

We also wanted to find out about various ways of accessing live streaming on Draftkings. In this case, everything has to do with downloading DK live App or log in a website dedicated to fantasy live game streaming: live.draftkings.com/.

Bonuses and Offers

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We also noted that with DK live comes playing bonuses and offers. They include:

  • Draftkings welcome bonus: Players win up to $1000 in welcome bonuses. The condition for winning the bonus is that players must deposit a minimum of $5 in their Draftkings account. The bonus gets released bit by bit; in which case, every $10 player spent on the platform earns $1. Terms and conditions forbid persons under the age of 21 from taking part in gambling.
  • Refer-a –friend: Get up to $20 in refer-a-friend bonus on Draftkings. The condition for this offer is that the invitee must make their first deposit and play on Draftkings. 
  • Promo Code bonus: First-timers using DK promo code to sign up are eligible for a bonus and a free betting ticket worth $3. The condition for accessing the offer is that a player must fund their account with at least $5. You cannot redeem the offer for cash withdrawal and it must be used within 12 months. 
  • Draftkings matchup bonus offer of up to $500: When you deposit money in your DK account for the first time, players can earn an additional bonus of another $500. You must, however, use a promo code to get the bonus. After signing up, check your account balance for details. 
  • DK daily and weekly promotion bonuses: The sportsbook gives players daily and weekly bonuses in promotions. There are billions of dollars up for grabs in promotions such as $1 for every $10 deposited in your account. 

User Interface, how it functions?

Draftkings Live Mobile App

When it comes to watching games live, DK Live for streaming fantasy games on Draftkings comes as a reprieve to punters. The question we asked is how good is the user interface? Does it provide access to vital features? Can players watch games live? 

Well, DK live is different from Draftkings sportsbook, so we had to access it on a different tab. The catch about the App is that it shows selected live matches that fall within the company’s partnership deal with EuroLeague Basketball. 

At the top of DK live website are two main navigation buttons namely Draftkings fantasy and DK Live. The latter is indicated in red so that players can easily identify it. The second menu tab has a button for scores, watch and games. Immediately below is a video panel showing live video highlights from selected fantasy games on Draftkings sportsbook. At the top corner, there is a bell icon from where players can access real-time updates and a sign-in button. You can also access refer-a-friend feature, DK shop, FAQs, mobile App download link and more. A green icon at the top right for depositing fund is equally accessible with a single tap.

When you navigate further down, Draftkings live features fantasy game watch list, video highlights showreel, full game episodes, DFS Edge, insights, featured upcoming games and more. DK live app interface also features sports available for streaming, sports betting section and something the company refers to as ‘Draftkings Originals.’ From a review perspective, while DK live is not a conventional live video streaming app/website, it makes everything comes alive. The immersive experience that comes with it is why we think it is something players can depend on for real-time fantasy gaming. 

Which sports are covered?

We also wanted to find out which sports are featured on DK. The catch was that punters would choose a live streaming platform that features their favourite sports any day. And since Draftkings is all about fantasy betting, the big question is what can you watch? 

Well, when you visit DK live and navigate further down, there is a section for sports viewable on the platform. They include NFL, PGA, MLB, CFB, NHL and NBA.  These are the most popular fantasy sports. To get started watching live, all we did was install the DK live mobile App. 

Any special features unique to the Bookmaker 


If you have been wondering whether cash out is available for Draftkings players, the answer is yes. DK cash out is a unique feature that gives players a chance to withdraw part of their winnings from active bets.  However, not all bets are eligible for cash out.


Fantasy sports betting continue to gain traction worldwide. It is all about crafting a fantasy team by choosing players from a different team and playing against an opponent. With live streaming, players can now watch their favourite teams battle it against an opponent. After Draftkings ventured into live game streaming with their DK Live App, we can conclude that players can now look forward to a new kind of experience on their sportsbooks. 

From real game states, line-up updates, video highlights, live expert commentaries to game scores, we feel DK Live is an App with huge potential going forward. We, therefore, rate it 4.6/5 in the hope that in future, players will start streaming live game videos in High definition.