DraftKings Sportsbook Review

DraftKings entered the gambling industry as a relatively new face in 2011. The site started operations in 2011 and having witnessed an impressive growth in its sports and fantasy shares, attempted to merge with FanDuel, another sportsbook giant. The move however fell through and since then, competition has intensified between the two. Not too long ago, the site established a casino section, and although it is barely a year old, the section has started to generate great profits.

draftkings sportsbook review


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Sports and Markets Available

If you ask any player who's gambled in North America, DraftKings is a nice spot to be. When it comes to available sports, few can match the site's extensive game collection, be it on daily fantasy sports or sports. 


Sports at DraftKings are briefly explained below:

Fantasy Football: With DraftKings daily fantasy football, players are given a great shot to stay connected to the game. Fantasy football allows players to create a team of NFL players as soon as they can keep to the salary cap. Having done this, you then sit back and watch your team accumulate points over the season. Points are gained by yards gained, touchdowns and many more events that happen during play. If at end of the season, your team reached the fixed point-mark, you are qualified for cash prizes, even if you don't end first in the division. You can make changes to your team weekly, so you have no reason to remain stuck with underwhelming players. To earn more points, you can participate in public and private contests.

Fantasy Basketball: This offers a great playing opportunity as you can play and win without any cost. It is similar to fantasy football. You select a line-up of 8 players and watch them win as usual. For every rebound, point and assist, your team accumulates fantasy points. At the end of the season, you are eligible for a cash prize if your team was able to rack up enough fantasy points. You can add or subtract from your lineup daily and play at different sets of games also. It doesn't matter if you finish first or not either.

Fantasy Baseball: This sport brings you closer to the world of baseball closer than any other could. At no extra cost, assemble a team of 2 preferred pitchers and 8 batters, at the same time ensuring that you maintain the salary cap. Points are gained when your lineup makes runs at the dish or mount. RBI, hits, homers and points scored all contribute to the points accumulated. Your pitchers get points for every out recorded, strikeout and many more. The more the earned points, the bigger the prizes available to be won. Here's another interesting feature: you can cut and edit your team at any time.

Fantasy MMA: Get into the mix of the action, fight hard, lose some battles, fight some more and win some cash. You've never had a finer strike at the MMA than this. With a salary cap of $50, 000, you are expected to draft a lineup of 6 MMA fighters from a given pool. This pool of players consists of every player scheduled to perform in the upcoming event. As it usually is at DraftKings, the number of accumulated points at the end of a predetermined period decide how big your prize is. Points are awarded for significant strikes, advances, takedowns, reversal sweeps and knockouts. You have the chance to draft a new team every MMA fight night and a new shot at winning every MMA week. You can also engage in contests with friends and other players at the site.

Fantasy EuroLeague Basketball: With this exclusive sport event, enjoy a superior fantasy experience that has hitherto remained evasive. To start, you select 6 players from an assigned pool of players. Note that each player will be paid salaries and the maximum overall salary cap is $50, 000. Your lineup must contain players from at least two EuroLeague games. As it is with other fantasy sports at DraftKings, you can edit your team anytime. This is however impossible whenever any of the players is in an ongoing match. Points are given for points, re rounds, turnover, steal, assist, block and many more events. The EuroLeague is regarded as the best game after the NBA, and couple this with the fact that each quarter lasts for just 10 minutes, and you have a truly intense playing experience.

It would be impossible to highlight all sports on offer at DraftKings fantasy, so we'll stop here. Other available sports include Fantasy Tennis, Fantasy Arena Football League, Fantasy Golf, Fantasy Hockey, Fantasy NASCAR, Fantasy Soccer, Fantasy College Football, Fantasy College Basketball and Fantasy League of Legends.


Odds and Limits

DraftKings puts a strong foot in contention for the fairest odds. It is undeniable that odds are very pivotal in selecting a bookmaker. DraftKings does not disappoint. The odds at the site are often higher than the market average or at least equal with it. Odds are determined by factors for and against a game. Specified odds are meanwhile influenced by the estimated probability of the staking options you wager on. Nonetheless, odds at DraftKings are high and entices players, particularly as there are unlimited games to play. The average RTP on games at the site is 95%, although the figure could be lower or higher. Suffice to say, the more players stake, the higher the chances of winning.

Considering limits, DraftKings accepts as little as $5 on deposits and fixes no restrictions. On the other hand, the least amount you can withdraw is $100, and constantly varies per game or section.


Available promotions

As expected, Draft Kings organizes a number of high-profile promotional tournaments and competitions. To qualify for these promotions be sure to visist our Draftkings promo code page and see if you are eligible.

Draftkings Sportsbook Promo Code 2020


Fantasy First Deposit Bonus

This offer gives new players $3 on their first deposit. This bonus can only be used on any $3 paid contest. It is unavailable for withdrawal and lasts for 1 full year before expiry.


Ts & C's

One-time offer, first deposit required, not redeemable, not transferrable, 21+.


DraftKings NFL Weekly Offer

Every week, DraftKings offers the $3.5M Fantasy Football Millionaire for fantasy lovers. The pool prize for this tournament is $1, 000, 000 while the maximum prize win is $100, 000. The following are details about this offer:

  • average number of participants: 205, 800
  • entry fee: $20
  • lowest prizes won: $12
  • places paid: 43, 350


Ts & C's

Opt-in required, active members only, 21+.


DraftKings NBA Weekly Offer

Weekly, DraftKings offers $450k Excellent 8s, a promotional tournament that promises a prize pool of $1, 000, 000 as well as a grand prize of $100, 000. Additional information are:

  • average number of participants: 66, 100
  • entry fee: $8
  • lowest prizes won: $12
  • places paid: 15, 420


Ts & Cs

Opt-in required, active members only, 21+.

DraftKings Fantasy World Football Championship

This is an annual promotional offer. This promotion offers a whopping pool prize of $10, 000, 000 and a grand prize of $2, 000, 000. The last version of this offer saw just 180 contenders. Needless to say, this offer is available only to VIP customers. This is obvious in the limited number of slots.


Additional Features

Live streaming 

DraftKings does not offer a comprehensive live streaming channel. This could be discouraging for players looking to stake as well as watch live sport events at the website. Players can only stream Turkish Airlines EuroLeague basketball games, a disappointing thing considering the large sports collection at the site.  The alternative to general live streaming at the site is the tracking app that enables users to monitor their stakes as they are played. This undoubtedly makes gambling easier as you're quickly updated of the latest results and events in your stakes. However, we don't see it as an apt substitute for a detailed live streaming option. We hope there are plans to make upgrades already.


Mobile App 

Draftkings Sportsbook app review

Although the website layout at DraftKings keeps things tidy with its simple design and stacked options, unfamiliar players could get flummoxed while playing. This is where the mobile app comes in. The app is designed in a way that each section is well organized and spick-and-span, making for a smooth navigational experience, just like a pathway in a garden. The app makes betting easier as games are instant-play and quickly accessible. There are a number of withdrawal and deposit options too.


Our Take on DraftKings 

DraftKings excels at many requirements, especially in the gaming portfolios. Currently, there is hardly a US bookmaker with a sports collection as extensive as DraftKings'. The games are in rich visuals too and can be enjoyed for free sometimes. There are great promotional offers, notably the Fantasy World Football Championship that promises a grand prize of $2, 000, 000. The app is helpful and performs the basic functions expected of a bookmaker app.

The unavailability of a punctilious, all-round streaming option is however an issue. The offered streaming channel can barely satisfy players.

Overall, DraftKings is a great site to enjoy sports and fantasy betting at. Granted, the site has its lapses and glitches but majority of US sportsbooks pale in comparison to it. We recommend DraftKings for a fun, nice gambling experience.