Fanduel Sportsbook Live Streaming Review 2021

FanDuel sportsbook live gives players a chance to win more money in real-time In-Play betting.  

When FanDuel announced it would incorporate lives sports betting through a partnership with Sports Radar, everything got excited. Players couldn’t wait to test the new feature. Today, FanDuel has a live game feature on their sportsbook, letting players take advantage of real-time stats. In this FanDuel live streaming review, we answer vital questions. 

Fanduel Live Streaming Review : What You Need to Know 

Fanduel is a leading fantasy gaming website based in New York, U.S.A. According to reliable data about the betting landscape in the United States, FanDuel is the second largest fantasy bookmarker after Draftkings. The stats cover the number of users on the platforms and income. In April 2019, the company made a bold move towards incorporating live betting on its platform, a feature that would later open up the bookmarker’s gaming platform. 

Today, punters and players signing up for a FanDuel account have access to not only some of the most exciting fantasy games on display but also In-Play betting opportunities.  The fact that players can now bet real-time based on live game stats means FanDuel now streams some aspects of live games. A partnership deal with Sports Radar wouldn’t have come at a better time than now. Bookmarkers with the live streaming feature have realized exponential growth in user base and revenue. It is, therefore, something that may have informed the company’s decision to partner with a leading provider of digital content in the sporting world. The big question, what does FanDuel live feature has to offer? 


FanDuel Streaming Features

FanDuel live stream is an add-on that makes the platform more appealing to players and punters than it was before now.  Now, to give you a clear picture of the live stream function, here is what we found:

  •  streaming selected  Live games. 
  • Live betting odds. 
  • Soccer and Tennis are the main focus of FanDuel live video streaming.
  • Players and punters can access FanDuel live streaming via Sports Radar online video channel.
  • Live game stats. 

Features of soccer live streaming on FanDuel sportsbook are quite impressive. They include the popular money line of the draw and win, goal props and spread props. Under money line, available options win, draw, correct score, Draw no bet, team goals in any given match, total goals, half-time result and HT/FT. Total goals is another vital feature punters find useful under money line. 

When it comes to goal props, match goals, total goals, overs and unders are available. Navigating further to spread props (which is popular with fantasy betting) opens into a 3-way spread such as 1st half spread, 2nd half spread, corner speed spread and alternate spread. 

Features of In-play for tennis are the popular money lines which include set betting, game spread, alternate game spread and ace number. In fantasy betting, point betting system is a useful alternative. We noted that FanDuel also has point by point live betting for players/punters. 

Live Streaming Review 

Fanduel providers live streaming via their website, and while it is not very advanced at this stage-only focusing on tennis and soccer, it is a move in the right direction that presents players with more winning opportunities on their sportsbook.  On FanDuel sportsbook, there is a section labelled ‘LIVE.’ When we clicked it, it opened into live soccer and tennis games. The spreads and odds are displayed clearly. 

How to access the streaming service 

To access FanDuel streaming service, you can either visit the sportsbook via their mobile app or official website. 

Procedure for accessing the platform via the mobile app

  • Visit the FanDuel website and choose to download either android or iOS app. Click a download link and it will direct you to Google Play Store (for android users) or Apple Store (for iPhone users). 
  • Download and install the App. 
  • Sign in or create an account with FanDuel before you can start playing live games on their streaming platform. 
  • Take advantage of real-time betting odds. For fantasy gaming, choose either point by point or spreads betting. 

Procedure for accessing live streaming on FanDuel website

Another way of accessing live streaming is by logging in via their website. Once logged in, click live games. You should find live games there. Go ahead and choose the ones you would like to play. You can also bet live based on real-states available for every live game. 

Bonuses and Offers

With In-play/live streaming, comes more questions. For example, which bonuses are available? While live games on FanDuel allow players to be in the game real-time and win more, the sportsbook equally has attractive bonuses and offers. That is not to mention that each bonus comes with conditions players must meet. To access offers by FanDuel, click on promotions icon at the top of their website. We did and noticed that there are more than 7 offers are any given time. They include:

  • Risk-free $500 for new users: Get up to $500 is risk-free bet when you join FanDuel using a promo code. The condition for this offer is that when you lose your first bet, you get back the offer as site credit.  Bets qualify only if they multiples of different selections. Check your account balance with 72 hours for credit balance. 
  • Casino risk-free site credit bet offer:
  • FanDuel NFL Parlay insurance promotion: Get up to $25 in site credit when you bet on any NFL game. The condition for the offer is that the bet must be on Same Game Parlay. 
  • FanDuel multi-sport cashback: Ger up to $25 in cashback when you play 5 or more parlay legs. If you miss one leg, you get receive up to $25 in refunds. 
  • NBA quarter insurance offer: There is also NBA insurance quarters insurance offers for FanDuel live gamers. The condition for getting this offer is that players must place a money line bet before live NBA game ki kick-off. You get up to $50 in site credit provided your team leads up to the third quarter. 
  • Keep cash promo by FanDuel: Decide how much money you need by answering simple questions about betting on FanDuel. The condition is simple: Give a yes or no answer. 

User Interface, how it functions?

The user interface of any betting site is something every punter wants to explore. And if you are a fantasy gamer looking for the best platform, you would want to have easy access to vital features and tools. Thus, another question we asked about FanDuel live streaming platform is how does it work? We also wanted to know if it is easy to navigate or players will have a difficult time finding their ways around. 

Well, we noted that the live stream section is not very advanced. We would say the company is still developing this bit of their sportsbook. The website features a simple design which from our review perspective, is fairly appealing. It is not the best we’d expected but fair enough for a start. After you log in, everything is on the first page. Navigation buttons at the bottom of the site include the home button, all sports, bet slip, Casino and Account details. We feel having these vital features at the bottom of the site makes it a little difficult to use the sportsbook. 

Which sports are covered?

Sports covered by FanDuel live streaming are not many. However, they are some of the most popular. The main sports featured here are soccer and tennis. There may be, however, instances where the sportsbook features selected games from sports such as NFL, CFB, NBA, NHL and CBB. Live games are accessibly by clicking live buttons on the sportsbook website. At the top left corner, there is a red icon indicating the number of live games. You should also notice several red live icons on the website, making your search for streaming games easy, convenient and fast. 

If you are looking for help/support access button, it is at the bottom of the site. The topmost menu features the main sports on which the sportsbook focuses.  Below it is a live banner showing FanDuel play promotions. When you click on any of the offers, a promo code is applied to your selection. You will be prompted to sign in or create an account to claim the bonuses. Live odds are marked with blue, often below original bookmarker odds indicated in black. 

Any special features unique to the Bookmaker


Cash bet is a unique feature we found on FanDuel. Whether you are live betting or not, you can use it to cash out winnings. Cash-out for live games means you withdraw only a defined amount before a bet closes. 


Based on our experience when we tried some FanDuel live streaming features, we would say the sportsbook still have some miles to tread. Live streaming does not feature live videos. Rather, players can take advantage of real-time stats when betting on their favourite teams. We recommend it to players looking to scale their experiences in fantasy live gaming. 

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